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Getting Familiar with Trademarks

What you should know, for business sake!

If you run a business anywhere in the world, you should be familiar with trademark laws. If you are designing shirts for print-on-demand services like Sunfrog, TeeSpring, or Merch by Amazon, you definitely want to educate yourself on trademark laws. Always make sure you research your designs thoroughly for trademark and copyright restrictions.

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One of the most convenient way to research for trademark and copyrights is to use, which was developed and is run by Merch by Amazon expert and educator, Chris Green. He has a Facebook group you can join, if you're interested.

You can visit to quickly search their trademark database. But don't stop there! You should also go straight to the website, however navigating it can be a bit tricky for your first time there. Click "Search Trademark Database" (TESS) and then click on the "here" button, currently in the yellow box at the top of the page.

If you would like to learn more about trademarks, here's a video from the that goes over "What Every Small Business Should Know Now, Not Later".

Prefer to read instead?

Legal Care for Your Business & Product Name (affiliate link). 

Written by Stephen Elias, Attorney and Richard Stim, Attorney.

If there's anything you want to know about Trademarks, you will find it here in this book. Protect your business by staying up to date with the latest in Trademarking laws. The book comes with a website link on the website with up to date information in the form of videos, articles, blogs and podcasts.

A great resource to have on hand, The Pocket Legal Companion to Trademark is clearly written and provides clear understanding of the United States trademark system. Lee Wilson, author of six books on intellectual property law, explains basic facts about trademarks, legal protection, how to apply for a trademark, and so much more.

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