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The 20 Hottest Social Media Marketing Tools of 2018

The 20 Hottest Social Media Marketing Tools of 2018

It's 2018 and the popularity of social media is growing at a phenomenal pace. More people are joining social media channels than ever before, and brands are discovering how to use these platforms to their advantage. After all, social media isn't just another avenue for marketing - it's also a powerful way to develop a relationship with your target audience.

Consider the fact that Facebook has around 2.2 billion active users a month, and it's easy to see just how valuable social media can be to your business. Social media isn't just where people connect with friends. It's also where customers talk about their buying preferences and engage in crucial discussions with brands.

Used correctly, the social media wave can help almost any organization to accomplish incredible things. The problem is, like many things in the digital world right now, social media is evolving - and for some companies, it's hard to keep up with the pace of this transformation.

The Incredible Growth of Social Media

While social media channels have been around for a few years now - ever since the initial days of Myspace, they're becoming more immersive and engaging by the day. Customers are embracing new platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, while holding onto to tried-and-tested favorites like Facebook and Twitter too. As the industry continues to change, it's up to modern businesses to find out where they fit in the social landscape.

After all, social media comes with countless benefits to offer the modern business. With it, you can unlock plenty of new ways to generate business, while giving yourself a way to connect with your existing customers better too. Social media can actually make the rest of your marketing easier by helping you to understand your audience. On top of that, according to one infographic, 71% of customers say they're more likely to recommend a brand to a friend if they have a positive experience with that company on social media.

Tapping into Social Media Marketing Tools

While the rise of social media popularity, and the development of new channels gives companies more ways to connect with their audience, it also presents a unique selection of challenges too. After all, more social media channels to monitor means more work for your marketing team. At the same time, as more companies realize how valuable their social presence can be, companies of all shapes and sizes are facing greater competition online.

If you want to make the most out of social media marketing in 2018, then the first step may be to invest in the tools that will empower you to get the most out of your campaigns. In the following infographic, you can discover some of the hottest, and most effective social media marketing tools available in 2018. These are the tools that are helping the top companies around the world to keep track of and improve their social following.


By the time you've finished reading, you're sure to have the information you need to launch a more immersive, and lucrative social campaign.

For more information on top social media tools make sure to check out the following infographic “20 Hottest Social Media Marketing Tools in 2018”.


Top 20 Social Media Tools - 2018

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